How To Get Featured On Instagram:

  1. We follow thousands of chihuahuas so we might miss your amazing photos!  Help us by tagging us (@chihuahuaislander) in your BEST photos only or by sending us a direct message.
  2. We like to see chihuahuas that are active, having fun, or doing something interesting. Therefore, we rarely feature photos of chis just sleeping or laying around.  We never feature chihuahuas inside a cage or showing signs of aggression.
  3. Take creative photos, high quality pics, and well lit images.
  4. Remember, only chihuahuas come to visit Chihuahua Island.  Chihuahua mixes are okay! But no hoomans or other breeds in the photo.
  5. You must have an established Instagram account with at least 30+ photos.
  6. No watermarks, font, clipart, stickers, cropped images or added special effects.

How To Get Featured On Twitter:

  • EASY!  Just tag us (@chihuahuaisland) in your post or send us a message!