Chihuahuas Can Do Yoga

Namaste, friend.  Doing yoga is good for the body and soul.  Ever wanted to learn, or perfect your technique?  These paws-on pups are showing us how it’s done.  Now you can learn downward dog from the experts.  Check out these cute yogi dogs in action!

If you’re talking about “Yoga and Chihuahuas” the first thing that comes to mind is probably Nic and Pancho, the dynamic duo from Italy.  They practice yoga together regularly, and it shows with their expert rendition of “downward dog,” “child’s pose,” and “cobra pose”.

Little Pixel is giving it his best shot, but he still has a long way to go before he masters the downward dog pose.  Good job Pixel, don’t give up!

Sunny from Thailand has great form.  You can tell she’s been practicing her downward dog.

Wow Teddy, that is quite an interesting pose!   Not quite sure what he’s going for but his flexibility is off the charts!

Lincoln is showing us a great “Child’s Pose”.   Plus, check out that cool chihuahua pillow in the background.

2016 ASPCA Calendar to Feature Mervin The Chihuahua

When you open your 2016 ASPCA calendar you will get a special surprise!   You will get to see your favorite chihuahua super-star, Mervin The Chihuahua and his dad, Joey.  Together they are trying to spread a message to encourage adoption as a first option if you are looking for a new furry friend.  When you adopt, you not only save a life, but you also give another homeless animal a chance to find a loving home.

Always wondered why Mervin’s tongue hangs out?  It’s because he doesn’t have any teeth!  The tiny pup had to spend three months at the ASPCA after he had surgery on his hips and back legs, and also needed to have all of his teeth removed due to severe dental disease.

Mervin is now part of Joey’s pack of rescues, which includes a Pomeranian, a Boston Terrier, a Border Collie mix and a cat. “Mervin is the smallest member of our family at four pounds, but he has a lot of personality,” says Joey.

Mervin and Joey encourage you to Take the Adoption Pledge through the ASPCA.

Watch this great behind the scenes footage from their ASPCA calendar photo shoot!


Puppy Learning To Tie Shoe Laces

Oh hi.  Me? Chewing up dis shoe? Nah.. I’m tying it. Yeah, that’s it. Tying dese laces 😏 You know I needs lots of practice.

Chihuahuas Eating Popcorn


Can you smell the freshly popped popcorn?  The little guy on the left – let’s call him nibbler, “Mmm, your popcorn tastes better than mine because it’s yours!”.  The little guy on the right – let’s call him Chomper, “Om nom nomsdsfhksjd f sjdfskjdf”.

The Running of the Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas in the news!

This week marks the second annual Running of the Chihuahuas event held in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  With a beer garden, inflatable jumpers, food trucks, pet booths, face painting, special chihuahua contests, and more than 10 chihuahua races with cash prizes – it was an event to get anyone’s tail wagging.  A portion of proceeds went to help Paws and Stripes, a  nonprofit organization rescuing shelter dogs to train as service dogs for disabled veterans.