Chihuahuas Can Do Yoga

Namaste, friend.  Doing yoga is good for the body and soul.  Ever wanted to learn, or perfect your technique?  These paws-on pups are showing us how it’s done.  Now you can learn downward dog from the experts.  Check out these cute yogi dogs in action!

If you’re talking about “Yoga and Chihuahuas” the first thing that comes to mind is probably Nic and Pancho, the dynamic duo from Italy.  They practice yoga together regularly, and it shows with their expert rendition of “downward dog,” “child’s pose,” and “cobra pose”.

Little Pixel is giving it his best shot, but he still has a long way to go before he masters the downward dog pose.  Good job Pixel, don’t give up!

Sunny from Thailand has great form.  You can tell she’s been practicing her downward dog.

Wow Teddy, that is quite an interesting pose!   Not quite sure what he’s going for but his flexibility is off the charts!

Lincoln is showing us a great “Child’s Pose”.   Plus, check out that cool chihuahua pillow in the background.

Santa is Actually a Chihuahua

It’s been a well hidden secret for many years.  There have been rumors and theories… but the truth is finally out!  Santa Claus has finally made the big announcement to say he is actually a chihuahua and he’s changing his name to Santa Paws.  This is actually good news because Santa just got a LOT cuter.

Chihuahuas Eating Popcorn


Can you smell the freshly popped popcorn?  The little guy on the left – let’s call him nibbler, “Mmm, your popcorn tastes better than mine because it’s yours!”.  The little guy on the right – let’s call him Chomper, “Om nom nomsdsfhksjd f sjdfskjdf”.